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ONLINE REGISTRATION opens September 1, 2019

IN PERSON REGISTRATION will take place at the IRC (in front of the gold rink) from

Monday September 23rd till Friday September 27th from 6pm-7pm 


The Innisfil Skating Club has been serving the community since 1971.  We offer programming for all levels of skating - from recreational to competitive.


At the beginner level, our pre Canskate and Canskate Programs develop basic skating skills. Skating, turning, stopping, spinning and jumping skills.  When they finish the CanSkate Program these  skaters will have acquired the skills required to start playing hockey, continue with figure skating, or never take another lesson but be really confortable on the ice.  Regardless of which path they chose, the skaters will take with them a love of the sport and of skating that will be with them forever.


When a  skater completes the CanSkate Program and decides that they want to move on in figure skating, they enter Skate Canada?s StarSkate Program.  At the IFSC, we offer programming for skaters in our Junior Program and Senior Program where skaters progress through tested levels of skill ? from Star 1 to Gold. Opportunities to test and compete in Freeskate, Skills, Dance and Interpretive are all offered.


The most advanced of our StarSkaters are offered opportunity to move into the Competitive level of skating, and will train out of both Mariposa and the IFSC.


At the IFSC, we have  four regular Coaches and one freelance coach who work with our skaters.  Our coaches are accredited by both Skate Canada and the National Coaches Certification Program; all of them are affiliated with the Mariposa Training Centre in Barrie. The Club?s coaches work with our skaters to develop and choreograph their freeskate programs, fine tune their jumps, stroking and skills, and teach them to dance. In their day, some of our coaches competed at National and International levels. They use their years of experience to develop stable, determined and self-confident athletes.


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